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our story

JOYKU brand was created by two mothers who wanted to create simple, functional and inexpensive products for babies and parents.

Why JOYKU? In Indonesia ‘KU’ means ‘mine or my’. So then you can easily guess the meaning of our brand:)

Fabric and all ingredients used in making JOYKU products are natural and ethically sourced.
We decided not to outsource manufacturing of our swaddles and gourmets to big companies but rather hire individual tailors to be able to control quality of our products and create a job opportunity within our community.

We not only want to design functional pieces but also make a positive change to the world we live in and people around us through positive thinking and living by example.

We believe every little thing counts. If all of us can make a small positive change every day, the world around us will be brighter, cleaner and happier.

our tailors

Every Indonesian girl knows how to use a traditional sling but after living in Indonesia for a while we get inspired to take babywearing to the next level. We offer modern colours and textures with the same level of functionality to modern mums.

Our tailors are our pride as the quality of the slings you are enjoying the direct result of experience hands of our craftsmen.

It might be a surprise to you but all our tailors are male. It is a part of Indonesian culture where men are doing work earning money to support their families and mums are staying home to look after kids. All our tailors have families with their kids and we are very happy to be part of their lives and provide them with a job opportunity to pay bills.


When we were still planning and discussing initial set up of our brand, one of our drives was to create a sustainable business that would create job opportunities in Indonesia for mums and dads with good pay that will help to raise kids and pay for things that most of us are taking for granted.

We also wanted to give back to the community we live in as we strongly believe that positive thinking and most importantly making small changes one at the time, can make people around us happier and the world a better place.

Every time you make a purchase from JOYKU, you are donating to Bumi Sehat Foundation. This nonprofit organization provides access to quality healthcare to families: and kind, hygienic and culturally appropriate childbirth to traditionally under-represented populations.  We can’t change the world in its entirety but we believe that “even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life” (KatrinaMayer.com).